Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Hunt _ Finish


Louis Cypher said...

and what a progress! another great piece by mr T

dolphinguy said...

Hey Tyler,

I ran across your Moby Dick and Ahab paintings while doing a Google image search on the Pequod and Ahab. I really like your style, and I can tell you have done some research, but if you're open to having another artist's help, especially on sperm whales, and whaling ships/gear (FYI, the small boats that were used to hunt the whales from the mother ship were always pointed at both the bow and the stern, so they could back away quickly after throwing the harpoon; you showed it with a flattened stern), then please look at my web site at, and then write back to me at As you will see, I'm a whale artist who specializes in sperm whales and their anatomy, and I've done numerous drawings of Moby Dick over the years. BTW, are you doing the Moby Dick illustrations simply because you like the novel and the characters, or have you been assigned by a publisher to illustrate the novel? Either way, I love your work, and I truly want to help to make sure you get it right.

Rick Pearson
Leviethan Productions