Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lords of Chaos and other news!!

Apologies for the lengthy gap in posts.  I recently moved down to Olympia, WA but I am back in action now.  Here are a couple recent pieces I did for Dungeon Magazine.  These two are the Lords of Chaos: Olhydra, Evil Prince of Elemental Water and Yan-C-Bin, Evil Prince of Elemental Air.  I certainly had a lot of fun with these, especially the water scene.  

 Also here is this fun market scene I completely for this months Dragon Magazine.

I got to work again with Kate Irwin on both these projects which is always a pleasure.

In related news, two more pieces I completed for Kate have been nominated for a Spectrum Medal!  I am certainly very honored to be considered among such amazing artists.  Fingers crossed.  It sure would be great to get a medal.  I plan to make it out to Kansas City for Spectrum Live in May.  Here are those two pieces again you missed them.

Cheers everyone!


Lucas Pandolfelli said...

Hi Tyler, love your work and your style, it inspires me a lot.
Your composition for these last 3 images is great, cant stop look at it!
Good lucky with Spectrum! Im sure you´ll get a medal ;)

JasperSandner said...

Great stuff of course Tyler. Saw that you had been nominated for the spectrum awards, it would be awesome to see you win one!

Dave Lebow said...

Really incredible paintings. I'm awed by your abilities and compositions. Fantastic stuff.

Dave Kapah said...

amazing works!
good luck :)

dark kristal said...

Congrats on the Spectrum nomination. That's so exciting!

Louis Cypher said...

Well I sure hope you get the medal cuz you sho deserve to. Amazing work as always.

Tyler Jacobson said...

Thanks everyone!

Chuck Pyle said...

looks very cool, Tyler

Vinod Rams said...

Whoa...nominated for a Spectrum award!
That's awesome! Congrats all around! I love the Medusa lady.