Thursday, September 5, 2013


With the announcement of Magic the Gathering's latest release of Theros, here is some of the key art I created.  Both feature the planeswalker Elspeth.

Elspeth slays the Hydra


Elspeth Box Art



David Rojas said...

These are amazing! Thank you for uploading, Tyler! Would you be able to also post the art you did for AEtherling, Dawnstrike Paladin & Syphon Sliver?

Julian Pagano said...

Man, Any chance of getting a high res version of Elspeth from the Box Art? It's looks amazing! I'd love to have it as my wallpaper, or make me a personalized playmat with that illustration. Please! :D

Benjamin I Meszaros said...

Simply brilliant. My favorite Elspeth art to date. Well done my friend. These are phenomenal.