Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Culdesac/Backpage Pilot

So, long story on this one. I did this stuff a ways back and for some reason never posted it, probably cuz it is a pretty different style from my current work. Anyways, my friends Joe Bereta and Luke Barats did a pilot for a sketch comedy style show on NBC. Their website has all their comedy work to date and they are both down in LA now working their butts off. For the Pilot I did a number of illustrations that were meant to fade or dissolve out into their live action counterparts. The effect was pretty cool. The pilot was set up as a comic strip and each new sketch was a three frame comic in a newpaper called The Backpage. This is Culdesac was the original name for the pilot. Milkman vs. Mailman and Neighborhood Watch are the only two sketches available for view right now. They are minus the dissolve from the illustrations. Check out their youtube page also.

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