Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neverwinter Fortune Cards

A few months back I did a piece for D&D's new Neverwinter Fortune Cards set. While they only used a small portion of the image for the box art as you can see here, I painted out the whole figure so that they could use more of the image for other marketing purposes, dealing with the Neverwinter set. This was a really fun peace and I had a great time working on the landscape in the background. Had a bit of inspiration from Albert Bierstadt on that section.

Hopefully, more work will be freed from NDA's soon and I can post again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!!

I thought this would be a fitting post for today. I recently completed 6 illustrations for a Men's Journal article on our military special forces units. These JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) members are the guys who got Osama bin Laden. This was a fun project from start to finish. The AD and I both agreed it would be great to paint these images in a similar way to the G.I. Joe box art we both grew up with in the 80's. It was very nostalgic. You can find the article in the July issue of Men's Journal. Happy 4th to all, especially all those serving in our armed forces!!!