Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lords of Chaos and other news!!

Apologies for the lengthy gap in posts.  I recently moved down to Olympia, WA but I am back in action now.  Here are a couple recent pieces I did for Dungeon Magazine.  These two are the Lords of Chaos: Olhydra, Evil Prince of Elemental Water and Yan-C-Bin, Evil Prince of Elemental Air.  I certainly had a lot of fun with these, especially the water scene.  

 Also here is this fun market scene I completely for this months Dragon Magazine.

I got to work again with Kate Irwin on both these projects which is always a pleasure.

In related news, two more pieces I completed for Kate have been nominated for a Spectrum Medal!  I am certainly very honored to be considered among such amazing artists.  Fingers crossed.  It sure would be great to get a medal.  I plan to make it out to Kansas City for Spectrum Live in May.  Here are those two pieces again you missed them.

Cheers everyone!