Friday, August 31, 2012

Runner's World: Race Day Disasters!!

Recently I finished a set of illustrations for the October issue of Runner's World which should be on the shelves any day now.  The article, by Selene Yeager, is about the nightmarish situations that can happen to runners on the day of the big race. AD Benjamen Purvis and I had the idea of depicting these moments in a pulp style reminiscent of the old paperbacks and magazines.  So, I painted a series of illustrations showcasing each terrible event that all runners probably have nightmares about. Benjamen did a wonderful job displaying them throughout the article and really gave the opener that extra bit of energy with his excellent and ingenious text design.  This was a great collaboration and really fun job all around.

Here are two of my favorites without any text on them.  Really have to thank my wife for being such a good sport.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rise of the Underdark 2 & Magic

This is the second image in D&D's Rise of the Underdark story-line.  It's associated with the adventure called The Dawn of Night and depicts the same setting as the first image.  However, the fire of the Drow is spreading and the darkness is advancing.  You can see more of this imagery at GenCon this coming week, which I regrettably will be unable to attend. There will be a third image for this set which is very different from the first two but that will have to wait.

Also, I forgot to post one of my very first Magic the Gathering cards.  It is called Mutilate and was released with the M13 set.  This is the first of many to come.