Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Image update 2015

I have fallen way behind in keeping this blog updated so here is an image dump for the past many months since my last post in March.  Enjoy!
Demogorgon for D&D: Rage of Demons

Demogorgon vs. Drizzt for D&D: Rage of Demons

Demogorgon Rising for D&D: Rage of Demons

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide cover for D&D

Closeup on Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Close up on Zuggtmoy for D&D:Rage of Demons

Zuggtmoy's Wedding for D&D: Rage of Demons

Pia and Kiran Nanaar for Magic the Gathering

Exalted Angel for Magic the Gathering

Mummy's Mask cover for Paizo

Beyond the Pool of Stars cover for Paizo

Gideon and Nissa at Seagate for Magic the Gathering: Battle for Zendikar

Detail of Gideon

Detail of Nissa

Add piece for Adult Swim's Black Jesus

Close up on Characters for Black Jesus painting

Black Jesus Returns for Adult Swim