Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kahns of Tarkir MtG

Here are a couple piece I have in the Kahns of Tarkir MtG set.  I'm excited to finally show these because I had the honor of being part of team that concepted out this particular set.  It's great to see all the cards in print.  Congrats to all the amazing artist that contributed to Kahns!!

Rattleclaw Mystic
MtG - Kahns of Tarkir
© Wizards of the Coast LLC
Horde Ambusher
MtG - Kahns of Tarkir
© Wizards of the Coast LLC


Unknown said...

I've just seen your art for "brutal hordechief" in Fate reforged set and is simple...AMAZING!!

at khans of tarkir worldbuilding panel we have seen some of your concept art for the set (especially for the orcs)...can you post it (or other you have made) ? :-)

the way an art born is important like the final art itself, no? :-)

thank you and good job :-)

Tyler Jacobson said...

Here you go Davide

Tyler Jacobson said...

I am not sure I can post anything from the concepting but I will check.

Unknown said...

thank you very much for the availability :-)

Unknown said...

I see someone else has already asked about concept art from Khans, there was one of your images they used in a presentation showing the concept art for the Abzam Orcs. Unfortunately the resolution of the image made available in other posts is too low to really see any detail.

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